A Resource for Scientists Launching Research Careers in Emerging Science Centers

Science is an international endeavor. Wherever it is done, it connects us to the scientists, scholars, and philosophers of the past and the future. Our work as a scientific community can make human lives better, healthier, and longer, and can improve the economies of nations, regions, and the world. To be a scientist is both a privilege and a passion, but launching a career in science is difficult. Success as a scientist will depend on many things—from intelligence and creativity to luck; from being a good team player to being an independent thinker and driver of your own work; from bringing out the best in the people with whom you work to being an accurate and respected authority whose fairness and good ideas are known to other researchers, organizations, and perhaps governments. We hope the insights in this book will help you build a career where you aim higher, reach farther, and perform better than what you may have thought would be your best.